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Culture, Sport and Nature

Go back in time and discover the rich medieval past of the unique towns and villages in the Correze. The region is full of charming villages, with stone built houses roofed with traditional slate or local stone called lauze. Those interested in architecture and culture will enjoy the lovely rural churches, castles built into granit and sandstone. They will love the little restaurants, with traditional cooking always served with a nice glas of wine. Driving around, passing above the rivers on old bridges, every way you go, it is always a surprise, small towns, situated on the bord of the Dordogne, like Argentat sur Dordogne, or Beaulieu sur Dordogne, beautifull views and green nature full of faune and flore.

For the nature lovers, you will find many waterfalls, lakes, footpaths, where you can walk without seeing someone or some house for hours. You may meet in the early morning, a hind, a fox, buzzards, lizards etc.

The Correze is also the perfect desitination for the sport lovers. Many cycle routes, and mountain-biking trails,and horse-riding, canoeing and kayaking on one the three rivers across the region, between the valley's, climbing on the rocks or enjoy the view in the air by deltaplane. And many other activities are possible.

Whatever your interest, the Correze is the place to live in your own french property. Your french house can start with a typical barn to renovate, or fully renovated house or why not a beautifull castle.